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What Is Off-Road Assassin?

Off-Road Assassin is the newest place for all the latest in everything off-road. From the latest in off-road news, tech, events, and features Off-Road Assassin covers it all. Off-Road Assassin looks at things from the enthusiast’s point of view and does not lose sight of the “built not bought” mentality. If we were not getting our own hands dirty, how could we explain and show what the enthusiast wants to see or know about? It simply can’t be done, unless you are in it, you don’t know.

We understand that there are plenty of blue-collar individuals out there that put their blood, sweat, and tears into their vehicle. A garage is a place where hard work is done and results are produced and we strive to showcase the latest in product reviews as well as tips and tricks to help get installs completed faster and simpler.

Off-Road Assassin is here to show that things can still be installed in the garage and not everything needs to be taken to a shop to install. If you want to learn or already do it yourself, Off-Road Assassin is where you need to be.

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