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Trucks And Country Go Hand In Hand But How Much?

Chevy has been crowned king of the road in a new study that analyzed the lyrics of over 16,000 country music songs to find country music’s biggest truckers. When it comes to truckin’, country music and 4×4’s go together about as well as Johnny and June – but have you ever wondered just how often country stars sing about their beloved trucks?

The answer is “probably not”, but the results, much like the Fiat Multipla or Garth Brookes emo phase, are strangely fascinating, if deeply troubling. Analyzing five decades of country music lyrics, the new ‘Truck Yeah!’ study found that there are over 48 hours of country music dedicated to trucks, with trucks appearing in 660 country songs or 4-percent of all country music ever made.

The key findings of the study were:

  • 4-percent of all country music ever made is about trucks.
  • Chevy and Ford are the truck brands referenced the most often in country music.
  • 2019 was the biggest year for trucks in country music, with 1 in 10 songs released featuring a truck.
  • Justin Moore is the artist who sings the most about trucks, featuring them in 30-percent of his songs.
  • Miranda Lambert is the female artist who loves trucks the most, with driving featuring in 17-percent of all her songs.
  • Canadian Corb Lund’s ‘The Truck Got Stuck’ features more truck references than any other song, with 29 truck references.
  • Carrie Underwood’s ‘Before he cheats’ is the most successful truck song of all time (though she does destroy the vehicle), with 208 million streams.

We all know that country music talks about trucks and to see the details of how much and by who is something that shows numbers don’t lie. What do you think about the study? Did they miss anything?

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