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Top Off-Road Features Of The Hummer EV

Electric and off-road are not something that, up until recently, been used in the same sentence. With the upcoming release of the GMC Hummer EV, we dive deeper into its top off-road features.


A vehicle is not truly off-road worthy until it has the right suspension. The Hummer EV has that suspension, from the factory.

The Hummer EV features independent front and rear suspension systems which are paired to the drive motors and are designed to optimize handling in off-road conditions and ride comfort on the highway. It also features front and rear lockers.

The front e-locker is an electronically controlled, driver-selectable locking differential that elevates traction capability by locking both front wheels so that they turn at the same speed. Up to 100 percent of available torque can be sent to either of the front wheels for maximum traction capability and fully synchronized e4WD propulsion.

The rear virtual locker simulates a locking differential for the dual-motor rear-drive unit. It is capable of torque vectoring, which can vary the amount of torque sent to each wheel to optimize not only traction in off-road conditions, but enhance on-road driving dynamics.

In addition to the lockers, the Hummer EV features heavy-duty ball-spline half-shafts that maximize axle articulation for ample maneuverability, while also reducing feedback through the steering system in hard-cornering and other off-road driving conditions.


Crab walking is not new to the dirt world, but in a production vehicle, it is something out of a SciFi movie. As seen on higher-end rockcrawlers, this is one feature that will make many other off-road related vehicles jealous.

UnderVision Underbody Cameras

As trail vehicles get larger, being able to see is getting more difficult. UltraVision on the Hummer EV is available with up to eighteen available camera views including waterproof underbody cameras.

The cameras provide real-time views to help you pick your best line along the trail. They’re forward and rear-facing and strategically placed low enough to see beyond the skid plates. In addition, the underbody cameras include a wash function and replaceable lens protectors.

Extract Mode

Ever wish that your vehicle was just a little taller? Extract mode on the Hummer EV can do it. To overcome tough obstacles, Extract Mode is able to raise the vehicle around six-inches.


With all the power the Hummer EV is said to have, getting it to the pavement or trail is going to be important. The vehicle comes with specially engineered 35-inch Goodyear Wrangler Territory tires for an optimal balance of on- and off-road performance. 35-inch tires have started to be too small for some owners, but the Hummer EV is capable of clearing 37-inch tires.

Infinity Roof

While the infinity roof may not be something that will help the Hummer EV adventure further, what is the point of the adventure if you can’t enjoy it. The infinity roof lets the world in with the removable modular Sky Panels.

When all said and done, we will have to wait and see what the GMC Hummer EV production model can actually do in the wild, but these features are something to get excited about. Be sure to check out GMC’s website for all the latest updates on the Hummer EV. What is your favorite feature? Tell us in the comments below!

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