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Top 10: A Look Back At The Best Of 2021

The new year is right around the corner, but we still have time to look back at the most popular Off-Road Assassin articles of 2021. Did your favorite make it to the top? Check out the list below!

10. Securing A 14-Bolt Axle Flange With Stage 8

Loose bolts are never a good thing while out in the dirt, but it can be prevented from the moment that they are installed. Stage 8 created a product that will create peace of mind when it comes to the axle flange bolts on a 14-bolt axle. Read More >>>

9. Clinical Racing Succeeds At Glen Helen

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again. A saying that has been anything but the truth for Clinical Racing in their first year racing in Class 2000. The Clinical Racing team headed to the fourth race of the 2021 MORE season at Glen Helen Raceway in Southern California to compete at the GG Lighting Freedom Cup. Read More >>>

8. Work Or Play: 454 Motorsports Removable Tire Cage

Being able to carry as much as possible for an adventure is key, but carrying it well can be a headache. We wanted to make sure that our 2019 Chevrolet Silverado had everything that was needed for the dirt, but also when the truck needs to be used as a truck. Read More >>>

7. And The Winner Is: Larry Roeseler Wins Wild Baja 500

SoCal’s Hall of Famer Larry Roeseler captured one for the ages when he was declared the overall and SCORE Trophy Truck winner of Saturday’s BFGoodrich Tires SCORE Baja 500, presented by 4 Wheel Parts. Clocked before penalties, the legendary 64-year old Desert racing warrior was the third vehicle to reach the finish line in the elapsed-time race. Read More >>>

6. Top 3 Chevrolet Silverado ZR2 Features

With the announcement of the 2022 Chevrolet Silverado ZR2 there is now another player in the full-size off-road truck segment. The Raptor has been the long time champion in this segment, but with the addition of the Ram TRX and then the Raptor R coming down the pipeline this is one competitive area. Read More >>>

5. Let’s Go Racing: Making A Debut In Class 2000

Venturing into something new can be scary, yet rewarding. Recently finishing up a 2005 GMC Canyon turned Class 2000 race truck, that new was racing. The truck started bone stock when it was purchased used in 2007, but ever since has been on the road to racing. Read More >>>

4. Bryce Menzies Wins 2021 SCORE San Felipe 250

Starting first as the fast qualifier for the race, Las Vegas’ champion desert racer was never looked back as he roared through the Baja desert to defeat a voluminous 269 starters in Saturday’s BFGoodrich Tires 34th SCORE San Felipe 250. Read More >>>

3. Vehicle Review: Can-Am 2021 Commander Max XT 1000R

For many people in the Southwestern United States the term side-by-side is associated with a desert toy, but more a larger part it is a purpose-built utility task vehicle (UTV). The 2021 Can-Am Commander checks that box and is set to change the view of everyone everywhere. Read More >>>

2. Tire Review: Mickey Thompson Baja Boss A/T

Off-roaders require one thing to be successful when in the dirt, traction. In what seems like a never-ending quest for the ultimate drip we had the chance to test out the Mickey Thompson Baja Boss A/T. Read More >>>

1. End Of An Era: BJ Baldwin And Monster Energy Split

Being the face of anything nowadays puts a lot of weight on someone’s shoulders, and for over the last decade that has been BJ Baldwin and Monster Energy. Baldwin recently posted that the partnership has come to an end. Read More >>>

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