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On The Trail Longer With Titan Fuel Tanks Fuel Bunker

Is there anything better than being on the trail? What about being on the trail even longer? Titan Fuel Tanks recently unveiled the Fuel Bunker 12-gallon fuel tank for the side-by-side market that allows them to stay out even longer.

“The design of the Fuel Bunker and the hardware provide very secure and safe placement,” Mike DeFord of Titan Fuel Tanks explained. “Speaking of safe, the design of the Bunker and the integrated electronic fuel pump provide unparalleled gasoline safety. The fuel nozzle is spill-proof which eliminates gasoline spilling onto the ground or into the UTV bed while filling the tank at the gas station has also been made very safe with an internal fill spout that uses a click to latch fuel cap.”

Having extra fuel on the trail allows for more distance to be covered before having to return to camp or in case of an emergency there is the reassurance the destination will be within range.

“The shape of the Fuel Bunker is designed to provide a sleek, aggressive look that fits perfectly into each UTV,” DeFord said. “The design also incorporates airflow in each UTV bed. The air is forced around and under the Fuel Bunker to provide a cooling effect to optimize performance in hot operating conditions like the desert and dunes.”

Not only does the Fuel Bunker look great attached to UTVs it has an internal storage area to keep items secure out on the trail. The lid has an open lock to prevent it from closing while fueling or reaching for some snacks in the storage compartment and even has a place to add a padlock.

Like any Titan Fuel Tank product, the Fuel Bunker is also made in the USA. The Fuel Bunker comes with a lifetime warranty and has specific mounting for Polaris, Can-Am, and Arctic Cat UTVs. To find one for your vehicle be sure to check out the Titan Fuel Tanks website.

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