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Shoe Review: GBC Terra Master On Raceline A93 Podium Beadlocks

Having power is one thing, getting that power to the dirt is a different story. To help get our 2020 Can-Am Maverick X3 rs Turbo RR set up correctly, we reached out to Kanati and Raceline Wheels to get our SXS set up to succeed in the desert.

After discussing our options we went with GBC’s Terra Master in a 32x10R15 (PN AE153210TM) and Raceline’s A93 Podium Beadlocks (PN A93SG-56037+40) in a 15×6 and a 40 mm offset. The combination would give us the look and performance we were going after.

Two In One

Choosing the right tire is always a tough decision with the many options in tread design. GBC has made that choice a little easier with the Terra Master tire as it is really two tires in one.

“The GBC Terra Master is the industry’s first UTV tire with an asymmetrical non-directional tread pattern,” Kory Ellis of GBC explained. “It’s specially engineered tread pattern gives you the benefit of two tires in one.”

The Terra Master tire features an asymmetrical design and a lightweight steel belt caucus. After tossing around truck tires, these tires felt like a feather.

Side A on the right, Side B on the left.

One of the most noticeable features of the tire is the dual tread patterns. The tread compound on either side of the tire is the same, but the void ratio is different from one side to the other.

“Side A is recommended in soft to intermediate terrain, and Side B is recommended for hard to intermediate terrain,” Ellis said. “By having a void ratio that covers such a wide range, it makes the tires work on multiple surfaces rather than just one.”

Switching tire sides isn’t something that would be done upon arriving in the dirt, but something that can be done before arriving, given you know the type of terrain. We are sure you could pop a beadlock ring off and switch sides when you arrive, but for us, we would rather head out than spend an hour or two working.

“GBC Powersports tires had been producing tires for the Powersports industry for 25 years,” Ellis said. “GBC is also the manufacture of other popular tires such as Dirt Devil, Mongrel, and Dirt Commander to name just a few.”

Knowing that we would have the traction we needed, we needed to make sure that we could be locked to our Can-Am.

Keeping The Bead Locked

A wheel can make or break the look of a vehicle, but our X3 it was more than selecting a wheel that looked good. We needed one that could withstand the punishment it would be receiving off-road.

Selecting the A93 Podium Beadlock wheels we liked the eight-spoke design and the fact that the wheel was made from heavy-duty A356 aluminum along with a forged 6061 beadlock ring and US-made Grade 8 zinc beadlock hardware.

“The A93 Podium Beadlock wheels were engineered to be one of the strongest wheels available,” Rhett Sander of Raceline explained. “For thicker beaded tires, Raceline beadlock ring spacers are available to ensure proper ring seating.”

Both color choices, Satin Black and Stealth Grey, as well as being available in a 14-inch and 15-inch, make the wheel a good option for any color UTV. The removable satin black snap-in cap with embossed chrome Raceline logo is a great touch to the wheel.

Attention to the detail needs to be taken when installing beadlocks yourself. Particular specs need to be followed to make sure that the ring, wheel, and tire are installed correctly.

The outer tire bead needs to sit on top of the beadlock flange and sits evenly to the outside diameter of the beadlock flange. Once the tire is sitting correctly, start by hand tightening each bolt three or four turns.

Make sure, like tightening lug nuts, a star pattern is used so that each bolt head is resting on the face of the ring. Start by tightening each bolt to 12-14 ft-lb of torque on UTV wheels three times before moving to inflating the tire to set the inner bead making sure not to exceed 25 psi.

Raceline supports and is apart of many SXS and truck-related racing organizations. They are the Official Wheel of SCORE International, Texplex Motorsports Park, and Texas UTV Championships as well as too many others to list.

Final Thoughts

It was time to finally head to the Arizona desert to see exactly what this combo could do. We were a little hesitant to go with the Stealth Grey as we wanted to keep an all-black look on the X3, but it eventually grew on us and provided just the right color to complement the rest of the SXS.

The overall quality on the wheel was one of the top we have seen. Everything was included to get our tires mounted, as well as the wheels, have the valve stem preinstalled. The valve stem on the wheel was mounted slightly behind the wheel’s face, which gave us peace of mind knowing we would need to worry about damaging it and being stuck with a flat in the middle of nowhere.

As we mounted the Terra Master tires with Side B out, we knew that this option would give us the best bite for the terrain we would be driving on. From rocks to sand, the tire gave us plenty of traction,3 and surprisingly, we were able to keep the X3 in 2WD for most of our adventures.

There was no time where we thought that we wouldn’t have the traction to get out of or through what was in front of us. The tire provided great traction on the pavement for those in the few states that allow SXS’s to be driven on surface streets.

Overall, we were amazed by the way that they performed. Not only did the Terra Master tires provide the traction we needed to put the 195 hp and a 135 lb-ft of torque of the Turbo RR to the dirt. The A93 Podium Beadlocks made sure that regardless of how fast or the amount of abuse the tire received, they made sure it didn’t go anywhere while still looking good.

To find a tire for your vehicle be sure to check out the Kanati website, or Raceline’s website if you are looking for some new wheels.

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He grew up with a true passion for anything with an engine. During the year he can be found enjoying the outdoors, building Legos with son, and wrenching in the garage on his race truck.

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