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SCORE Baja 500: 5 Thing You Need To Know

The kickoff for the 2018 SCORE Baja 500 is just days away, but we wanted to let you know about these 5 things before the green flag waves.

1. 50th Anniversary Of Baja 500

This year’s Baja 500 is the 50th anniversary of the race. With that just like last year’s Baja 1000, there will be many ceremonial additions as well as teams fighting for their spot in the record books. The race will start and finish in Ensenada and includes sections of all-new race course for a total of 542 miles.

2. Seeking Back-To-Back

Last year’s winner Andy McMillin has been out prerunning looking for back-to-back wins. With the new race course, McMillin likes the slower technical sections. Will this new section of race course help last year’s champ? We will have to wait until Saturday.

3. New Number, Same Truck

After the El Matador, Christian Sourapas, took out two cows during the Parker 425, the Terrible Herbst truck has needed some love. What used to be known as the no. 91 truck, is heading to the Baja 500 with a new look and a new number – no. 54.

4. UTVs

Pro UTVs are stepping up in off-road racing, at least in SCORE’s eye. The class is no longer required to run a rear facing blue light, a light that signifies a slower vehicle. This is big news for the UTV market as it shows that these vehicles can keep up with the rest of the pack.

5. Dangers!!!

Everyone knows about booby traps in Baja and this year there has been a couple spottings, but there is something else lurking in the dark. With recent weather, a couple sections of race course are completely washed out. Around race mile 383, there is a section of the course, during a high-speed section, the road is gone. There are notices and arrows, but we will see who gets stuck.

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