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Road To The Mint 400: More Guts Than Glory For Off-Road Crews

Come race day fans see perfectly manicured trucks sitting in tech and contingency or pulling up to the starting line. The trucks look like they should be in a museum as a modern piece of art, but they didn’t start that way.

What most people do not realize is the amount of work that goes into the preparation of the vehicle beforehand. Long nights in the shop, multiple parts run, and orchestrating an army of vendors to come through on a tight deadline are things that do not show at the starting line or in the final standings.

For the crew, mechanics, and team managers this has become a part of life before each and every race. It is their job to make sure the truck is ready to go come race day.

OTSFF Motorsports and their Class 6100 Trophy Spec truck are coming off a race just a few weeks ago, it is pedal to the medal to get the truck ready for the 2020 Mint 400.

Depending on how the previous race ended determines how the prep will be for the next race. If the race beats the truck up more parts will need to be replaced or serviced.

We had the chance to speak with Adam Fitza, crew chief for OTSFF Motorsports, about what goes into prepping their truck.

“Prepping involves complete disassembly and assembly,” Fitza explained. “Our truck goes over 100 miles per hour so safety is number 1. In order to make sure the truck is as safe as possible we inspect all the parts, rebuild, and replace as necessary.”

“This also ensures the race vehicle is capable of handling all the obstacles thrown in its way during the race,” Fitza continued. “Anything can happen on race day, but 80-percent of finishing or winning a race happens in prep.”

Tearing a truck down is no easy task, they are complicated machines and must be put back just as they were taken apart. This is definitely no Lego car, but it needs to go back as one.

“Fortunately our truck is designed with prep in mind,” Fitza said. “It is very easy to work on. Just like any type of race car the hardest part in my eyes is patience. You must take your time, make sure everything is done 110-percent, and nothing is overlooked.”

Stay tuned to see how OTSFF Motorsports handles the Mint 400 later this week. Be sure to catch the live stream of the Mint 400 if you are unable to make it to the party in Las Vegas.

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