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Quick Tech: Vehicle Tie-Down And Axle Straps

Having an off-road toy or any vehicle that is going to spend time on a trailer is great, but you need to make sure it stays on the trailer. To help keep our 2020 Can-Am Maverick X3 rs Turbo RR secured on trips to the desert we enlisted the help of Holley and their line of Mr. Gasket ratcheting tie-down straps (PN 33101G), covered axle straps (PN 33105G), and an Earl’s soft tool bag (PN 8020ERL) to keep everything organized.

The tie-down straps would be more than enough to hold our side-by-side to the trailer, but would also work for any larger vehicle we needed to tow. We went with the covered axle straps to provide an extra layer of protection regardless of the vehicle on the trailer.

“The ratchet straps are heavy-duty products that include zinc plated steel ratchet assemblies with heavy-duty black webbing and spring-loaded retaining hook clasps,” Steve Sparkman of Holley said. “The axle straps feature heavy-duty zinc-plated steel hardware and heavy-duty black webbing while the covered axle straps include a red protective cover to prevent damage to the webbing.

Preventing future failures was something we wanted to make sure wouldn’t happen. Besides, adding a layer to protect the webbing with vehicles and trailers that are going to see time in the dirt is a no brainer.

“The rated capacity of the tie-downs and axle straps is the maximum load that should be subjected to these products during normal usage,” Sparkman explained. “The safe working load is 1/3 of the rated capacity (ex. 3,300 pounds for a 10,000-pound tie-down) to allow for shifting weight under braking while towing.”

Overall, the tie-downs and axle straps have worked well in securing our Can-Am to the trailer and some larger vehicles as well. The tie-downs have an easy to use ratcheting system that locks when closed to make sure that what is on the trailer, stays on the trailer.

For more information on the ratcheting tie-downs and axle straps, or to find other accessories for your vehicle, be sure to check out Holley’s website.

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