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Pro 1600 International: Bringing Community To A Racing Class

Off-road racing is one of the most competitive types of racing out there, but at the end of the day, an off-roader will always lend a hand to someone in need. Countless times crews are helping other crews in the pits with parts or an extra hand. Pro 1600 International is bringing this to a whole new level with the Class 1600 teams.

“In short, Pro 1600 International is about community,” Pro 1600 International explained. “We are a non-profit origination dedicated to class growth, cultivating talent, opinions, innovation, and attracting forward-thinking positive individuals.”

“We want to bring racers together both on the racecourse and on social media,” continued Pro 1600 International. “Giving them a platform to discuss ideas, problems, tips, tricks, and even show off a little.”

Grown From Its Roots

Ideas come from everywhere nowadays, but some times it is best to go back to the roots. Go back to a time where things were successful and that is exactly what Pro 1600 International is doing.

“The group is made up of racers, builders, and fabricators,” Pro 1600 International said. “We were all talking about the original Pro 1600 group and how it would be cool to do it again, but include Baja racers as well.”

“We have found that there are a lot of racers that cherry-picking races, where they are not interested so much in the series points as they are a great race venue,” Pro 1600 International explained. “In Baja, there is a great group of racers and promoters that definitely fit this bill.”

Reaching out to the people who got things going not only brings credibility to what you are trying to promote, but it gives people something to look back on. No one likes to imagine something they have never seen before.

“How cool would it be to start this origination up again and fill it with all the premier events?” Pro 1600 International said. “We contacted the OG Pro 1600 group asked if we could use their name, they agreed and thought it was a great idea, even volunteered to help!”

“We also know there are a lot of dominant drivers out there,” Pro 1600 International explained. “They have been driving ‘in their own backyard’ for some time now and we want to mix it up. Get them out of their comfort zone. Pit them up against others where they don’t have the home-field advantage anymore. Really level the playing field.”

Change Creates Conflict

Many classes in off-road racing have been there since the start or have been brought back to include in races. Class 1600 has been around for a while, and it has always had something special.

“We are not looking to change or make up new rules or ruin the appeal of the class,” said as they continued. “This class has been around longer than most of the racers currently racing in it, we are only looking to build upon that.”

When the topic of racing or events comes up in today’s world it is a touchy subject. With the world on pins and needles not knowing what is going to happen in a week, it has affected groups like this from getting up and going.

“We are still working on that one,” Pro 1600 International said. “The whole COVID-19 thing is really making it challenging. We are going to do a soft opening this year, introduce ourselves, and get some more feedback from the racers.”

“We plan on putting up a survey/poll on our Facebook Pro1600 International group page and get some more input,” they continued. “It could turn to us making the schedule ourselves, but we think getting racer buy-in is key.”

The challenging thing is working with promoters on both sides of the border that have differing rules. We have made some ground with several of them, a few others not so much. But we feel optimistic that when they see the benefit for all to come together rules will change or variances allowed to help us all race together.

Heading To The Finish Line

Many things start, but few can finish. This is as ever true with racing in general, but even more in off-road racing. Looking towards the future can be exciting and scary at the same time.

“We think we know what it is today but because we are still in our infancy stage so it could change,” Pro 1600 International said. “I guess for now it’s building a strong coalition of racers. We want to attract positive attitudes. We all have different ideas, and that’s great. There’s no one way to do anything in this sport, so we are looking to build on that.”

“Times are changing, technology has made leaps and bounds in just the past few years, people are always looking for the next best thing, what better place to come to our group page and share some of these things,” they continued. “Probably the biggest thing for us would be having the promoters ask us to race with them. Each organization does a fantastic job promoting within their community, we want to help build and expand on that. Having someone see our race schedule and then have an entry list double just because we are there would be the ultimate goal.”

The future is bright for Pro 1600 International. The COVID-19 virus could be looked at as the end to what we think our daily life was, but it is also a new starting point for everyone AC (After COVID).

For the latest on Pro 1600 International be sure to check out there social media pages as well as their website if you would like to grab some merch.

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