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OTSFF And Motul Ready For Revenge At UTVWC

This past weekend was the Off Road Expo, but for OTSFF and Motul, the show was the calm before the storm. The UTV World Championship kicks off later this week and they have their sights on the UTV Rally race on Friday October, 15th in Lake Havasu, Arizona.

Motul is no stranger to racing and performance as they are heavily involved in some of the top racing avenues in the world.

“The UTV market is primarily just service products from the OEM which are developed on a price point and simply don’t offer the performance and protection to keep up what enthusiasts are using the vehicles for,” Nolan Browning of Motul said. “Owners will purchase a new RZR, throw a ton of performance parts on and take it out to Glamis, Pismo, or even grassroots racing without having the proper lubricants.”

“Motul hopes to offer a premium alternative lubricant for the motor, gears, and brake fluid to protect their investment and even add additional performance,” Browning continued. “We’ve refined and proven the formula through series like Dakar or locally with athletes like the Matlocks, Adam Fitza, Cody Bradbury, and hundreds of other grassroots competitors.”

“Motul has been our title sponsor since day one with this build,” Adam Fitza said. “Without the superior lubricants they offer, our car would not be as reliable as it is. The key to desert racing is to first finish and with a well lubricated machine. The cards are definitely in our favor for this year’s UTV World Championship.”

Last year’s UTV World Championship was the start of OTSFF and Motul’s partnership on the UTV front, but a continued partnership from the Spec Trophy Truck segment. Even though last year’s race was a success, they have even high hopes this year.

“The UTV World Championship is the elite UTV race of the season, it’s something I look forward to all year long,” Adam Fitza said. “In 2020 we started 28th and ended up in the Top 5.”

“We were fortunate enough to draw pole position this year,” Fitza continued. “We are excited to see what we can accomplish starting up front and plan to get this Motul Polaris RZR on top of the box.”

Racing in the UTV Rally class, it brings a connection to the Spec truck class that OTSFF also races. The similarity between the two gives the team a leg up on the competition.

“The Rally class is awesome and very similar to our 6100 truck as it’s basically a spec class with limitations to make it super competitive, not to mention economical,” Fitza explained. “For someone getting into racing, I would highly recommend getting yourself a RZR and racing the rally class.”

For items outside of lubricants, Motul has great cleaners in their MC Care line like Shine & Go, developed as a quick detailer that adds a film to keep mud from caking on the body. Moto Wash is easy to spray on after running all day and hit with water to keep it clean. 

Things are looking great for the OTSFF/Motul team, but the racing support goes deeper.

“I’m super excited to announce our new partnership with ZBroz racing,” Fitza explained. “We have all new suspension and custom shocks which are a game-changer to the handling capabilities of this Turbo S.”

“All of our key partners make this vehicle a weapon,” Fitza continued. “From Vision Wheels and Toyo Tires keeping us hooked up to PRP Seats, KWT Filters, Rugged Radios, Rigid Industries, XDR, Peltzer Winery, Calculated Industries, Fast R, and OTSFF which all contribute to keeping us moving forward. Also, huge thanks to Bell Beef, we’re going to be eating good in the pits this year!”

Stay tuned this weekend to see how OTSFF and Motul do at the 2021 UTV World Championship in Lake Havasu!

Steven Olsewski

He grew up with a true passion for anything with an engine. During the year he can be found enjoying the outdoors, building Legos with son, and wrenching in the garage on his race truck.

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