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Off-Road Motorsports Hall Of Fame Class Of 2020 Announced

When you think Hall of Fame you think of the greats in the MLB, NFL, NHL, and the NBA, but the off-road community is no different. The Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame recently announced the inductees for the Class of 2020.

The Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame has been established to recognize and honor those individuals and organizations whose lifelong contributions to off-road motorsports have set a standard for others to follow. This class features Bob Bower, Dean Bulloch, Danny Foddrill, Jack Johnson, Roger Mears, Cal Wells III, and Tom White.

Bob Bower

Over the years Bob has shown his passion, humility, and wisdom. They are matched only by his unshakeable ethic. There have been many young racers who have been helped along their way by Bower. He’s always been a champion of the little guy.

Sometimes it’s a quiet conversation, sometimes a few hours of highway windshield time, other times simply introducing them to others in the sport who could help them get better. Young stars like Robby Gordon, Ivan Stewart, Jimmie Johnson, Ryan Arciero, and Rob MacCachren all have had Bob help them along in their racing career in one small way or another.

For Bob Bower, it has been a labor of love. “I never wanted to change things in our sport, I just wanted to do what I could to help it along.” Bob’s personal motto is “Life Is A One Lap Race!” He seems to be running a rather good lap.

Dean Bulloch

Dean Bulloch has been involved in the racing world for most of his life, starting in the 1970s with motocross, snowmobile drags, and cross country racing. In 1978 he opened a powersports dealership in Utah, D&P Performance. In the 1980s, Dean and his team dominated the motorcycle trials bikes national series. Over 40+ years of racing, he has 184 wins.

In 1991, Dean built a National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) drag bike, winning the Pro ET NHRA/Winston Series. He continued his success on the track in 1992, winning multiple “Wallys”, the highest honor in NHRA, named for the Association’s founder, Wally Parks. Dean was also awarded the Sportsman of the Year award for helping anyone and everyone. “This almost meant more to me than winning the championship,” Dean said.

In 1998 Dean built a rock buggy and never looked back. With over 80 rock crawling wins, 16 Pro National titles, and five world rock crawling championships, these are the achievements that set Dean on a path to the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame.

Danny Foddrill

Danny Foddrill began his journey into off-road in the late ’60s. He and his friends would ride out to the desert and create their own races, long before most of the off-road racing series was established. They would take Jeeps, dirt bikes, or their dune buggies and drag race just outside of town. His passion for building and off-road started way back in high school on the front porch of his parent’s house, where he built a Jeep from the ground up, including the headers.

After attending ASU and working for APSM Danny dove deep into the off-road world at “Palmer’s Custom Speed” in 1975. There they built the famous Chaparral Chassis, which were ahead of their time and won countless races.

During the early years, he got behind the wheel, and this was a point in his life that the passion grew even deeper for the sport. It was in these early years of racing that he honed his craft and developed his suspension parts, which are sought after to this day.

Jack Johnson

Versatility, tenacity, commitment, dedication, longevity, dominance: These are just a few of the words that describe the off-road racing career of Jack Johnson. A racing career that spanned some 40 years, Jack amassed a staggering (23) SCORE, HDRA, and Best In The Desert event overall wins in a car, truck, or motorcycle.

A tremendous record no doubt, but one that no one is surprised to acknowledge because even at an early age, Jack’s career was marked for greatness. Born in California and raised in the Nevada desert, under the tutelage of his father Bill Johnson, Jack was thrown into the deep end of the racing pool at a very early age.

Traveling extensively throughout California and Nevada, competing in every type of motorcycle competition imaginable against much older and more experienced riders, he quickly developed a reputation as the upcoming young racer to watch. As a teenager, he quickly moved onto winning desert races overall, his eyes firmly set on winning at the highest levels of the sport. From the late ‘60s, through the ‘70s’ ‘80s, and ‘90s, Jack Johnson was a threat to win overall.

Roger Mears

When the name Mears is mentioned in the motorsports industry, Rick’s name is the first to come to mind for most racing enthusiasts and competitors. Only three drivers – Rick Mears, A.J. Foyt, and Al Unser — have captured the Indianapolis 500 four times.

But ask Rick who was one of his greatest drivers for him to race with and watch and he’ll talk about his older brother Roger, who was one of the top drivers in off-road history and one of the most well-rounded racers in all forms of four-wheel competition.

In addition to his phenomenal off-road racing statistics, Roger Mears also drove in 31 IndyCar Series races including two Indy 500s, and recorded 17 Top-10 finishes. Roger also drove stock cars, sprint cars, midgets, and other racing vehicles in various divisions.

Cal Wells III

Auto racing’s most famous team owner once observed that “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.” While every racer’s dream is to somehow, some way obtain and hold the title of “factory team,” that achievement also carries with it an unwavering and universal reality.

It’s all about winning. For Cal Wells and his PPI powerhouse, that aspiration became a reality in 1983 thanks to a relationship with Toyota that still exists today. Their all-conquering off-road racing campaigns lasted until the historic 2000 SCORE Baja 1000, but still represents the strongest partnership the sport has ever seen.

That’s not empty hyperbole, but an enviable fact based on world-class execution, a dynamic evolution toward technology, and, most importantly, getting a Toyota truck to the finish line before anyone else. Unfortunately for their competition, they did it better and for longer than everybody else.

Like so many of the ORMHOF inductees that have come before him, Cal Wells did not carve out this legacy in a vacuum. There are countless examples of his commitment to making the sport of off-road racing and its unique culture of racers, teams, and promoters a far better place.

Tom White

Tom was raised near the ocean in Huntington Beach, CA, where he grew up surfing before discovering his life-long passion: Motorcycles. Tom soon found his niche in flat track racing, eventually earning national number 80 as a professional. But his day job was fixing motocross bikes for a shop in Orange County, California. In time he developed ideas about specialty parts that he and his brother Dan, with help from their father, turned into a thriving business.

In 1976, White founded Tom White’s Cycle Specialties, which would later become White Brothers Cycle Specialties, when Tom partnered with his twin brother, Dan. Over the next 25 years, White Brothers would grow into a highly successful company, with sales of $40 million a year and nearly 200 employees. In addition, Tom also created the World Vet MX Championship and the World Four-Stroke Championship.

In April 2017, Tom White was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The next month, he was honored by his friend Bud Feldkamp on Glen Helen Raceway’s Walk of Fame, surrounded by his friends and family. Tom passed away in November of 2017.

To learn more about the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame Class of 2020 and all of the inductees, or to join, partner, or donate, visit the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame website.

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