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Off-Road Bumpers, Do You Really Need Them?

Off-road bumpers are for more than just good looks. The bumpers serve a purpose on the trail and it is important to make sure that the right bumper is picked for your vehicle.

Whether it is a Jeep or prerunner, all makes, models, and uses have an intended application. Each type of off-roading uses a specific design to make sure the vehicle is protected. In most cases, the factory bumper can actually do more damage than an aftermarket.

Aftermarket bumpers are built to withstand the abuse the vehicle and driver are going to go through. They are made from heavier and thicker material than a factory bumper and protect the front of the vehicle, lights, and accessories better than a factory one.

New bumpers also help increase the approach and departure angles. These angles may not seem like much, but when climbing a steep hill or descending between rocks, the last thing you want is to be caught up and have something rip off the vehicle.

In the end, the aftermarket bumper may take some work to get on, but it will be worth it in the end. An aftermarket bumper should be one of the first modifications to anyone’s build.

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