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Motul Steps Into SXS Market With Debut At UTVWC

From the 24 Hours of Le Mans and now the dirt in a UTV, Motul made its debut at the 2020 UTV World Championship this past weekend in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. To help lead Motul into the SXS world, Adam Fitza took a four-seat 2020 Polaris RZR Turbo S to a two-seater that he raced in the UTV Rally Class.

The UTV Rally class features stock production UTVs. The vehicles are built using a stock Turbo or Naturally Aspirated UTV, but in the end there is nothing visually stock about them.

Full-Size To Mini

Taking his experience from being a part of Motul’s Spec Trophy Truck, he built a RZR that looked great standing still but also racing down the course. We had the chance to catch the RZR out at the races and get a close up look after the race.

“The Polaris RZR is way different than the truck,” Fitza said. “You have to be cautious obviously because you don’t have the suspension and 40-inch tires, but it is surprising how well it took a beating.”

“It is smaller, lighter, and all-wheel-drive,” Fitza continued. “It’s an unbelievable platform and I’m really impressed with how fast and nimble this Turbo S is.”

Watching the UTV Rally race, we could tell that Fitza was pushing the RZR and was faster than other cars coming by. Driving a truck and an RZR may seem different, but there are more similarities than you think.

“The driving style in the truck is similar although with all-wheel-drive, you can really get out of the corners quickly,” Fitza explained. “In the truck, we ‘drift’ a lot. The RZR I tried to get sideways, and it stayed planted, plus going over 80 miles per hour in four-wheel-drive is awesome!”

Racing The Lake At The UTVWC

The course at the UTVWC was brutal and took many racers out early in the race, but to finish first, you first have to finish. Drivers had to push hard enough to stay competitive but conservative enough to make it to the finish line.

“The race went well; a finish was our goal with this car being brand new with only five miles on it,” Fitza laughed. “We just kept plugging away every mile and ended up in the top five. I’d say that’s a great debut race!”

“This course was one of the most technical courses to date; I loved it,” Fitza continued. “Anyone can hold it pinned down a straight away, but this was a challenging course that separated drivers experience. People complain about rough. It’s offroad racing…..isn’t it supposed to be rough and challenging?”

Fitza is right; an off-road race is made to push man and machine through the toughest terrain. If racers wanted an easy race, they should have looked for a race in a Walmart parking lot.

“Every mile had a memorable moment which made it enjoyable,” Fitza said. “Having my wife, Kelsey, in the passenger seat for half the race is something we both won’t forget. It was her first time in a race car with me, and we had a blast.”

Next up for the Motul RZR sounds like they may end up going to Dallas, Texas, for a 12-hour endurance race at TexPlex Park. The 2021 season is being worked out, but it is great to see a new company break into the SXS racing world and be competitive.

We look forward to seeing where the RZR ends up and feel it will not be long before it is atop the podium. For more information on Motul and to find a product for your vehicle, be sure to visit their website.

Steven Olsewski

He grew up with a true passion for anything with an engine. During the year he can be found enjoying the outdoors, building Legos with son, and wrenching in the garage on his race truck.

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