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Jump Champs 3.0 Puts Enthusiasts As The Star Of The Show

Off-road enthusiasts head out to events all over the world to watch the sport and the drivers they follow on social media almost every day. Enthusiasts make the sport what it is, but what Jump Champs does is make those enthusiasts as the stars of the show.

This event has been going on for three years and everyone keeps getting bigger. Southern California may have got some rare rain, but that did not hold back everyone who came out to watch.

The event started Friday night with the Desert Drags. It gave people a closer look at the famous Glamis drags, but without out all the sand and long drive to the dunes. Saturday there was Time Trials and the fan favorite Jump Contest.

The stands and areas surrounding the course were packed with onlookers cheering on their friends. This is a one-of-a-kind event that attacks a lot of attention because everyone is on the same level. Overall, the event was a success and people were already talking about the next one.

What do you think of an event like this? Do you think that more events like this should happen across the United States? Tell us in the comments below!

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