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Jimco Unveils Dragon 4WD Trophy Truck

Jimco is the newest player in the 4WD Trophy Truck arena with its launch of the new “Dragon” four wheel drive Trophy Truck platform. It is an evolution of the Gen 3 Jimco “Maximus,” the “Dragon” moves to utilize the benefits of the extreme acceleration and grip that the four-wheel drive platform is known for.

Part Trophy Truck, part rally car, the “Dragon” features a specifically engineered CAD verified chassis design with a wheelbase of 125 inches and a track width of 93 inches to maximize the horsepower being put to the ground as all four wheels rip up the dirt.

The “Dragon” drivetrain features the perfectly matched duo of the Xtrac 5 speed wide cluster sequential transmission with integral transfer case matched to an Xtrac Spool Type CTR Torque Split front diff. A massive Dougans Custom 555ci Big Block 8 Stack V8 Engine Package pushes out 1050 horsepower with 850 lb-ft of torque.

With 4WD and the large engine, the “Dragon” is still able to achieve 24 inches of travel in the front and 32 inches of travel in the rear. For more information on the Jimco Racing “Dragon,” be sure to visit their website.

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