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Hot And Cold: Truck Gear By Line-X Cooler On Fire

Hot and cold go hand in hand with many things, but they are usually apart when it comes to a cooler. We had a chance to test out Truck Gear by Line-X’s Expedition Cooler and enjoyed it keeping our drinks cold, but we never thought the cooler would be tested the way it was.

We recently had raced in Lucerne Valley, California, and brought the cooler along to keep our beverages cool in the near 100-degree weather. While in the desert, it did just that.

On the way back from the desert is where it got tested even more. Returning to the shop, we had our crew caravaning together, but coming down the 62 towards Palm Springs, we had a member fall behind.

Little did we know that the last truck in the group had a fiery experience. Upon loading up before our departure, someone loaded our washing machine drum into the back of the truck but did not empty it.

The driving, wind, and embers mixed and caught the truck bed on fire. All of our chairs, gear, canopies, and cooler were in the bed.

Upon hearing this, we turned around to go back to our crew member’s truck as we didn’t know how bad it was from the call we got. Thankfully when we got there, the fire was put out before causing more damage, but it was still not how anyone wanted the drive home to go.

A slow, “how did that happen? It could have been worse” drive back to the shop was next. Back at the shop, we sat around the truck bed assessed the damage and items in the fire.

I had noticed the cooler and figured I would pull it out and see just how bad it was even though inside, I knew that I had something I didn’t have a chance to drink while we were in the desert.

I pulled the cooler out coffee can attached to it and all. Unfortunately, the cooler was melted shut, and I had to grab a hammer and chisel to attempt to open it.

When I had grabbed the cooler out of the bed, I had noticed it still felt like something was in it, but what was left of its contents was anyone’s guess. After a little time with the hammer and chisel, it was time to open the cooler and see what happened.

To everyone’s amazement, the contents of the cooler inside were still ok, cold, and still had a couple of pieces of ice. If you had told me that the cooler would go through a fire and then still have ice in it, I would have told you that you were crazy.

Of course, the last few beverages were drunk in amazement of the cooler and the event that happened with it open. For more information on Truck Gear’s products or to find a cooler for your needs, be sure to check out their website.

Steven Olsewski

He grew up with a true passion for anything with an engine. During the year he can be found enjoying the outdoors, building Legos with son, and wrenching in the garage on his race truck.

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