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Home Shopping: $650,000 Overland Vehicle Worth Every Penny

Without being able to walk into all of our favorite stores with the COVID-19 restrictions many of us have had to take the online approach to purchase items we want. For some a $10 bag of socks is it, while others a $650,000 Global Expedition Vehicle is in the digital shopping cart.

Global Expedition Vehicles are made in Springfield, Missouri, and have everything needed for a luxury off-road experience. Built with comfort and high-end finishings in mind, the UXV-MAX is one vehicle that has it all.

The UXV-MAX has a length of 24 feet 6 inches to 28 feet 6 inches depending on what chassis option is picked. The vehicle is designed for a crew-cab medium-duty chassis, but other options include International, Freightliner, and Ford F-750​ platforms.

From cab to cabin access, off-road lights, rear spare tire, aluminum bumpers, and even an optional garage the UXV-MAX has it all. The exterior and body design keep the luxury aspect of the vehicle on the outside all while maintaining off-road performance.

If the exterior doesn’t say luxury overland rig, then the inside will make you feel less than worthy of any hotel room you have ever stayed in. The interior of the UXV-MAX beats any penthouse suite in Las Vegas.

Custom handcrafted cabinets, granite counter tops, soap dispenser, dishwasher, refrigerator and freezer, and a microwave oven may sound like features that would be in a toy hauler, but the level of detail isn’t. The interior of the UXV-MAX the interior is luxury at its finest and can be enjoyed under the stars anywhere in the world.

The UXV-MAX has a king-size bed and more details that go on and on, but some of the options for the rig are to die for. No more washing clothes in the sink or in the stream, the UXV-MAX has an option for a washer and dryer.

Another option is a Webasto Hydronic Thermo Pro 90 Heater with Thermostatically controlled heaters. Provides engine-off cabin heating, hot water, and pre-heats engine for cold-weather starts. There is even a rooftop vent fan with remote control and rain sensor.

Not being strapped down to one place is a dream of many Americans nowadays, and having the ability to hit any dirt road and not question the durability is a thing of beauty. Having a luxury hotel room on wheels is something that can’t be enjoyed with anything less than this rig.

Having a base price of $650,000 including standard components and truck allowance, could push this vehicle close to the seven-digit mark. With features like the UXV-MAX, it is easy to see why someone would want to buy an off-road rig like this. To check out other Global Expedition Vehicles or to place your order, be sure to check out their website.

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