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Got Beef: BD Diesel Silverado/Sierra HD Steering Kit

A vehicle is only as strong as its weakest link. BD Diesel recently released a fix to a common weak point in the steering linkage and tie rods on Chevrolet/GM HD series trucks with their steering upgrade kit (PN 1032150).

These common failures include loose steering, front wheels toe-in under load while in four-wheel drive, and broken tie rods. The factory tie rods have a tendency to fail in vehicles with high torque engines, lift kits, and larger tires putting greater strains on the steering system than what OEM intended.

The kit includes a forged I-Beam Centerlink that is 30-percent stronger than OEM which reduces flex in the steering system and creates a strong base for the tie rods to be attached to. The tie rods are 1.5 times thicker than OEM for reduced flex and have larger inner ball joints for reduced wear.

Testing has shown that the BD tie rods can take over double the amount of force compared to what OEM rods can handle. Greaseable ball joints come with sintered bearings which allow for better load holding and increased life.

Longer, high-strength through bolt designed sway bar end links are included to accommodate larger tie rods and leveling kits. Polyurethane bushings have OEM style shaping for articulation and durability.

The entire kit retains factory geometry for accurate steering and will allow for any OEM replacement parts to drop-in without any geometry sacrifice or modification required. Other upgrade kit designs change the geometry of the steering which can sacrifice safety and drivability for straight line strength while pulling or racing.

This can also create a dangerous “bump steer” where the vehicle becomes uncontrollable on uneven roads. By not altering the steering geometry, the BD upgrade kit saves you from this problem.

For more information on BD Diesel’s Steering Upgrade Kit or to find other products for your vehicle, be sure to check out their website.


  • Forged I-Beam Centerlink 30-percent stronger than OEM for less deflection
  • Tie rods 1.5x larger than OEM
  • Larger Greaseable Ball Joints for long service life
  • Sway bar end links 1-inch longer than factory to accommodate leveling kits
  • Durable polyurethane sway bar end link bushings shaped for articulation and durability
  • Forged Centerlink retains factory geometry for accurate steering
  • Compatible with OEM components
  • Total package offers economic upgrade for worn out steering
  • Great for leveled trucks!

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