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Explained: Fox Live Valve And Bottom-Out Control

Shocks are everything in a vehicle. Where it is in a Trophy Truck, Jeep, or UTV, the shocks play a vital role in the comfort of the ride in the dirt. Fox Racing Shocks recently explained what goes into their live valve and bottom-out control.

The Live Valve technology brings intelligent, electronically controlled damping to high-performance off-road vehicles. By combining a fast, semi-active valve with a patented damping architecture, Live Valve can instantaneously adapt to any terrain by adjusting compression damping in real-time based on driver input and sensors tied to the vehicles computer to maximize comfort, handling, and bottom-out resistance.

One example of where this technology is seen is the Dynamix edition Polaris RZRs. With the push of a button, the ride comfort can be changed. This allows for more user control depending on the terrain type.

For more information on Fox and its products, be sure to visit their website.

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