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End Of An Era: BJ Baldwin And Monster Energy Split

Being the face of anything nowadays puts a lot of weight on someone’s shoulders, and for over the last decade that has been BJ Baldwin and Monster Energy. Baldwin recently posted that the partnership has come to an end.

“After over a decade of working together, I made the difficult decision to leave Monster Energy,” Baldwin said. “I love them dearly so this was a tough decision. But we all have to do what we can, to move forward.”

Baldwin was the face of many high-action off-road videos in his Recoil series that featured him and his truck showing the world what they could do. This shake-up will give other sponsors a chance to step up, but will also give his truck “Rampage” a new look for this year’s race season.

This is just the latest notch to add to Baldwin’s off-road career, but it isn’t over yet. Baldwin shed light on what is to come mentioning the future in his post.

“I’ve got some news to share soon,” Baldwin explained. “I’ve recently been blessed with some opportunities and I’m very excited about the future. Can’t wait to share it with you.”

Was there more to this departure than what is being shown or talked about? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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