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Dynatrac Rebuildable HD Balljoints For Jeep JL And JT

Any off-roader knows that one part on the vehicle that takes a ton of abuse on the trail are the balljoints. These weak links can cause havok on the trail if they are not properly cared for or the right product is not used.

To help solve this Dynatrac introduced its newest Rebuildable HD BallJoints, extending applications to the 2018-present Jeep Wrangler JL and 2019-present Jeep Gladiator JT (PN JP44-2X3050-E). Many people assume that these newest Jeep models do not need upgraded balljoints, but Dynatrac has seen excessive wear develop in the factory balljoints in as little as 20,000 miles with 35-inch or taller tires.

Dynatrac Rebuildable HD BallJoints provide better steering, more driving control, and lower costs over the life of the vehicle. They can be rebuilt without requiring the balljoint body to be removed from the axle housing.

While the factory balljoints in these applications use a nylon insert to house the ball socket in the housing, Dynatrac HD Balljoints use a heat-treated, precision-ground stainless steel ball in a heat-treated, high-strength billet body. No other high-wear components are used.

Dynatrac has engineered an exclusive safety features into these new HD Balljoints. On the Wrangler JL and Gladiator JT, the balljoints press in from the bottom. The heavy weight of large tires and wheels can become momentarily airborne in extreme terrain. That could allow the balljoint bodies to move. Dynatrac makes its HD Balljoints with a snap ring to lock the bodies in position as an extra safety provision. The Dynatrac snap ring design eliminates potential movement.

Dynatrac HD Balljoints are made in the USA. They feature heat-treated high-strength billet bodies with chromoly stems. The heat-treated, precision-ground stainless-steel ball meets military specifications. Unique seals prevent contamination, and the balljoints have grease-able fittings and Teflon-coated wear points to provide a long, durable life.

Symptoms of worn balljoints include the vehicle wandering on the road, decreased steering feel, wobble, tire-tread cupping and feathering.

The OEM balljoints used in these Jeep applications often wear quickly with larger off-road tires, many road miles or extreme off-roading. Replacing worn factory balljoints with OEM or inferior aftermarket knock-offs is a short-term fix. Dynatrac HD BallJoints are built specifically for the rigorous demands of these vehicles. To check out the Dynatrac website to order a set for your vehicle.

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