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Charting The Most And Least Popular 2018 Ford Raptor Colors

A new graphic illustrates the most and least popular colors for the 2018 Ford Raptor. Using search data available on, the team at was able to determine the most and least popular Raptor colors for 2018. While common paint colors black and gray dominate sales, white, red, blue, and silver paint colors are also fairly popular. However, one color that made the chart is surprising – purple.

“At first, we were surprised when the numbers revealed such a large percentage of gray Raptors,” says Kyle Harris, director at Blue Springs Ford Parts. “Of course, Ford added Lead Foot and kept Magnetic. Although both great colors, two grays probably increased the odds of popularity.”

Here’s how the chart breaks down:

Although still rare, purple Ford Raptors made the chart at 1%. This is probably thanks to some purple Raptor owners who post shots of their trucks on Instagram and Pinterest. For the record, offers a “purple” checkbox for the Raptor but the advertised color is labeled “Black Velvet.”
Gray and black trucks make up 50% of currently available Raptors.
For 2018, there is both a deep gray and a medium gray color option but only one black.
White accounts for 16% of currently available Raptors.
Red comes in just 2 percentage points lower than white with Ford’s addition of Race Red.
Lightning Blue is the only blue offered yet makes up 10% of the available Raptors.
The Raptor’s Ingot Silver color makes up only 6% of currently listed trucks.
The 3% “Other” category is most likely comprised of custom paint jobs.
“If you’d have asked me before we collected this data, I’d have guessed that black and white would be the most popular and purple never would have made the list,” Harris says.

You can see the whole graphic here:

The data was collected in February 2018 and is based on search results.

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