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Can-Am Announces Smart-Shox Technology For 2021

The UTV market has been pushing the off-road world to new levels every year. This trend continues with Can-Am recently announced the introduction of Smart-Shox technology, which will be available on the 2021 Can-Am Maverick X rs Turbo RR.

Smart-Shox technology is an industry-first, fully self-adjustable suspension technology for superior performance, control, and comfort. It is the only suspension in the industry that controls both compression and rebound for enhanced precision, delivering superior ride and handling, no matter the terrain or conditions. Shock adjustments are now a thing of the past as drivers can now adjust by the push of a button.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a pro or a weekend warrior, this technology will make your rides better,” says Casey Currie, winner of the 2020 Dakar Rally in a Can-Am Maverick X3. “Smart-Shox is one of those game-changing innovations that brings a smile to my face knowing I’ll have a competitive advantage over anything else out there. With Smart-Shox, the Maverick X3 sticks to the ground in a way I’ve never experienced, and I can’t wait to get out and race.”

There are three major benefits to Smart-Shox semi-active suspension technology:

1. Enhanced Performance

The system constantly monitors wheel position and velocity for improved shock absorption
and filtering, acting on both compression and rebound. It is the only system in the industry
with the ability to control the rebound, and it also has the industry’s fastest valve reaction time. Smart-Shox can go all the way from full soft to full firm in an average of seventeen milliseconds (0.017s).

It all sounds great, but what does it mean? It allows for better tracking of the ground surface for increased traction, better launches, more comfort on any terrain, and the feeling of being more connected to the ground.

2. Better Control

Smart-Shox technology makes real-time automatic suspension adjustments, improving
vehicle stability, and providing excellent control with flatter cornering. It reduces front and rear
bouncing while minimizing vehicle body movement, adjusting automatically to any type of
terrain after selecting a driving mode: Comfort, Sport, or Sport+

3. More Comfort

Smart-Shox technology is about maximum performance and comfort. The technology provides both soft and hard damping advantages at the same time, per wheel, instantaneously. Even bottom-out and topping-out protection is factored into the automatic calibration.

There is no need to spend countless hours in the garage or testing, just get in and drive, and reap all the benefits while the system does all the work. It also means less mechanical stress, with reduced impact loads on key components. And beyond that, the improved ride quality means less rider fatigue, so you don’t have to think twice about extending epic days.

Available in-store this fall on the 2021 Can-Am Maverick X3 X rs Turbo RR From two-seaters to four-seaters, and the entry-level RS to the new high-end X rs with Smart-Shox, the entire Can-Am lineup is built to compete.

For more technical details and product specs, as well as information about the complete MY21 lineup of Can-Am Off-Road vehicles, be sure to visit the Can-Am website.

Steven Olsewski

He grew up with a true passion for anything with an engine. During the year he can be found enjoying the outdoors, building Legos with son, and wrenching in the garage on his race truck.

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