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Bully Dog Thruster Expands Customization Options

Bully Dog recently announced the release of the Bully Dog Thruster Throttle Enhancement Device. The Bully Dog Thruster is a plug-and-play device that allows anyone to adjust the throttle responsiveness of their vehicle.

“Bully Dog has a well-deserved reputation as the leader in engine ECU calibration and high-quality aftermarket parts. The addition of the Bully Dog Thruster is the next evolution in our ever-expanding product line,” Marcelo Gomez, Chief Marketing Officer for Bully Dog commented. “This plug-and-play device allows anyone to modify their vehicles throttle response and adjust it on-the-fly, all without any technical knowledge or risking their vehicle warranty.”

This easy to install device gives the driver access to a control knob that increases how quickly their vehicle responds to changes in throttle position, without voiding the vehicle’s warranty. This device can be installed as a standalone or stacked with a tuner.

“Bully Dog is excited not only to add a plug-and-play device that allows people to customize their throttle response simply, but to reconnect with Dodge, Jeep, and Toyota customers everywhere,” Jill Hepp, Senior Director of Marketing for Bully Dog said. “Adding these brands to the existing lineup of manufacturers supported by Bully Dog devices furthers our company goal of making vehicle customization available to everyone.”

It gives the user that seat of the pants performance feel with the turn of a dial. If it is used with a tuner, it will put all of that extra power into the driver’s hands even faster.

For more information or to find a product for your vehicle, be sure to visit the Bully Dog website.

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