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BJ Baldwin Involved In Deadly Las Vegas Shooting

With all the COVID-19 news that seems to take up every hour of each day, something different hit the TV airwaves. Off-road icon BJ Baldwin was involved in a shooting in his home town of Las Vegas.

According to Las Vegas CBS Channel 8, the shooting happened near the In-N-Out Burger at Tropicana and Fort Apache. According to the release from Baldwin Motorsports, Baldwin had just finished a late-night dinner in the parking lot with his girlfriend around 2 am on Wednesday, April 22nd. That’s when two men came up to them. One of them had a gun and started shooting. 

As Baldwin and his girlfriend took cover, Baldwin returned fire, hitting the suspect. Baldwin has a valid concealed weapons permit. The other man then ran away. Police say Baldwin and his girlfriend left the scene, then called police to report the shooting. Police say a woman who had a relationship with the deceased man came to the scene and took his gun.

BJ has not come out and posted anything publicly yet, but Baldwin Motorsports Las Vegas issued a news release identifying BJ as the man who survived the shootout. The release reads:

On April 22, 2020, at approximately 2 am at Tropicana and Fort Apache in Las Vegas Nevada, BJ Baldwin, President of Baldwin Motorsports Las Vegas, had just finished a late-night dinner with his girlfriend when 2 men approached quickly. One of them had a gun directly pointed at the girlfriend and began to fire.

The girlfriend sought cover and the gunman then directed his attention to BJ and began to fire several times at BJ, who also sought cover. BJ, who possesses a valid concealed weapons permit, returned fire and the shooter went down.

BJ did not engage the other man as the man ran away. BJ and his girlfriend immediately jumped into BJ’s car, left the scene and called 911. Metro has informed us that BJ acted in self-defense. BJ is continuing to cooperate with the Las Vegas Metro Police Department and the District Attorney’s Office.

The press release issued by Baldwin Motorsports regarding the incident.

Las Vegas police homicide Lt. Ray Spencer has come out and said that the case was “clearly a case of self-defense.” A Las Vegas police spokesman later said the case was forwarded to the Clark County district attorney’s office for review.

We are glad that BJ along with his girlfriend are ok, and hope that teaches a lesson to all of those who are thinking of doing something similar. Sometimes you have no clue who you are messing with. Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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